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What are the Advantages of a Flat Roof?What are the Advantages of a Flat Roof?

As an expert roofing firm, we’re experienced in the installation, repairs and maintenance of a range of roofing types. One of the main types of the roof we work on is the flat roof. These are most commonly found on large commercial buildings, such as offices and schools. Small outbuildings such as garages, garden houses and single-story extensions often have flat roofs.

Flat Roofs around the world…

Flat roofs are most commonly found across the world in hotter climates. Picture a typically dry, sunny country such as Egypt, or Cyprus- here you’ll find a large proportion of flat-roofed buildings. In these places, they’re simply formed from the same masonry or concrete that forms the rest of the structure. In such climates, where rainfall is less common and freezing temperatures highly unlikely, such a roof is sufficient. It is chosen for its cost-effectiveness and good sun protection.

Not quite the same as the British weather…

In the UK, as I’m sure you’re more than aware, we have to endure more extreme cold temperatures in the winter and a regular rainfall. For this reason, our flat roofs are structured differently. At Empire, our preferred flat roofing type is the felt roof. We use a three-layered felt roofing structure, on top of the base material (usually timber) to ensure maximal protection against the elements.

But won’t the water collect on a flat roof?

While named a ‘flat roof’, this type of roof isn’t generally completely flat. In order to allow for effective drainage, the roof usually has a slight pitch. This means that any surface water is drained off, along the slight slope into the drainage system.

So, why might I choose a flat roof?

Flat roofs have a number of advantages and are definitely a roofing option you should consider.

  • Cost – Flat roofs typically have a much lower cost per square foot. This makes it an affordable way to create a modern look for your home or building.
  • Labour – In addition to the reduced cost compared to a pitched roof, a flat roof will also take less time to install. Great news for us, the roofers, and you- the customer!
  • Style – Many consider a flat roof to be a more modern, stylish option to a traditional sloped roof.
  • Maximal Space – A flat roof enables the full roof space to be utilized. It could be used to store large objects such as air conditioning units or to house solar panels. Or why not make use of your flat roof by creating a roof garden, or terrace?
  • Space-Saving – Unlike a sloped, triangular roof which will create angled walls and ceilings in your home, a flat roof will not impose on your internal space.
  • Accessibility – Flat roofs have much easier access than sloped roofs. This is beneficial when repairs/ maintenance work needs to be carried out.

If you’re looking for a new roof, then a flat roof may be a great option for you. For the very best advice and guidance, get in touch with the Empire team, and we’ll help you choose the roof that’s best for you.

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