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How To Manage The Cost Of A Roof Replacement ProjectHow To Manage The Cost Of A Roof Replacement Project

Is it time for re-roofing?

A well-built roof should last at least 25 years, even longer if it is well maintained. Normally people start thinking of replacing the roof after a leak in the ceiling or something else as dramatic. Often a roof repair is enough to save you from any bigger catastrophes. Unfortunately sometimes replacing the roof is the most reasonable and only thing to do. A roof replacement is a huge project and investment though, so you want to make sure you are doing it properly.

Planning is the key to managing the cost

How do you do it then, replacing a roof within the budget and in the schedule? Well, the first and utmost important things are planning and research. The price of the re-roofing depends on several factors. One of them is the professional roofer contractor. The second factor is the size of your roof –  how big is your house? Furthermore, what materials you want to use? Is the roof made of slate, felt or maybe tile? And finally, is the roof two-sided or does it have hips or valleys? If you want to alter the current roof style or shape, the budget is likely to go up a lot.

As an extra tip, you may want to plan your non-urgent re-roofing project for the spring or summer. This is as you may get better quotes from contractors due to a quieter season. The autumn tends to be busier whilst home-owners want to get the roofs ready for winter. On the other hand, during the winter months, roofers are busy with all the emergency repairs going on.

Once you have got the quotes from all the roofer companies in your area, you will have an idea of the estimated cost. Keep in mind though, any roofer company can only give a rough estimate after investigating the roof and the budget may change if there are any underlying problems. Make sure that the company you are going to choose is an expert in the material and house type you have, so they can quote accordingly and also know what they are doing. If you need a roofer expert for felt, slate or tile roofing, we at Empire UPVC Roofing are happy to discuss your roof replacement needs in detail.

Now – stick to your roof replacement plan

Okay, so you have done your research on roofing companies and the type of the roof you would want to have. After deciding which option to go with, stick to the plan. If you decide to change the roofing material in the middle of the process, the whole budget may spring up drastically. That’s why the planning stage is so important – you need a plan you can rely on.

Obviously, making the decision of the roofing company is the most important one as the roofers are responsible for the end result. Good roofers do their job quickly and effectively, but not hurried. The roofing itself takes approximately four days; however, you may want to reserve some extra days for any possible surprises.

Be prepared for underlying surprises

Talking about extras, when calculating the final cost and budgeting for the re-roofing project, we highly recommend to include some emergency funds in it. If there are any above mentioned surprised underlying, you do not want things to stop or left untreated because you do not have that extra funding. Hopefully that extra will remain in your pocket after the whole roofing project, but it will give you some peace of mind during – some might say quite a stressful – project.

Does the re-roofing project still sound daunting? Just to recap – take time to plan your re-roofing project and decide on the right roofer contractor. Then stick with the plan made and allocate some emergency fund just in case, your roof replacement budget can be a lot more manageable. If you need any further information, contact us for a chat!

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