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How a Sound Roof Can Save You Money and Help Save the PlanetHow a Sound Roof Can Save You Money and Help Save the Planet

Most of us are worried about our energy bills. With so many energy companies competing for our business, we love to shop around, and there are numerous comparison sites to help us with that.

There’s a simpler way of saving money, though — reduce the amount of energy you need to use. Not only will this be good for your bank balance, it’ll also reduce your carbon footprint. And your roof is the key.

How Heat Escapes from Your Home

The heat you generate in your home, whether it comes from radiators or an open fire, is meant to heat up the rooms in the house. Unfortunately, the reality is that in most houses a large proportion of it escapes and is wasted.

There are many culprits for heat loss, including doors and windows, but the biggest can be your roof. This is, of course, because warm air rises. If it’s held in by the roof, it creates a circulation of warm air in the building. However, you can be sure the heat will find any way available to escape through the roof.

Preventing Heat Loss Through Your Roof

Some of the heat loss through the roof can be prevented by effective insulation, but that doesn’t solve the whole problem. Any roof gets a battering from the elements and can develop cracks or holes. Besides being routes for damp to get in, these also allow the heat out.

This makes it vital to check your roof on a regular basis for any damage. You should also look out for moss, which can damage the roof, and check chimneys and other structures piercing the roof to ensure their sealing is still intact.

Saving Money and the Planet

It’s been estimated that around 25% of the heat generated in an average house escapes. So, if you calculate how much of your energy bill is accounted for by your heating system, you can assume that you’re throwing away a quarter of that sum.

Ensuring that your roof is in good repair will go some way towards saving this lost money – but that’s not all. Many of us today are keenly aware of the need to reduce energy consumption and the production of greenhouse gasses for the sake of the environment, and making your roof more efficient will help with that, too.

Repairing your roof can seem a large outlay, but you’re likely to get that sum back (and more) in reduced energy bills. Why not get in touch to find out more?

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