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When Is the Best Time of Year to Replace my Roof?When Is the Best Time of Year to Replace my Roof?When Is the Best Time of Year to Replace my Roof?When Is the Best Time of Year to Replace my Roof?

If your roof was installed well, it should last a long time — but not indefinitely. A roof’s lifespan will depend partly on the materials (longest for slate, shortest for felt) and partly on how much battering it takes from the weather, but eventually it’ll need to be replaced.

Sometimes, the timing is forced on you. If your roof has been seriously damaged, it’s no good waiting for the best time of year to replace it. You need it done right away to avoid being exposed to the cold, wind and rain.

If you’re able to plan your roof replacement, though, when is the ideal time?


Autumn is the busy season for all roofers, and it’s easy to see why. The weather’s turning cold, wet and windy, making us think about being protected against it. We realise our roof needs replacing before winter sets in. Or maybe summer conditions have disguised the problem, and it’s only now clear the roof isn’t doing its job.

Unfortunately, this is when everyone wants their roof repaired or replaced. Roofers are at full stretch, and you could be facing a long wait before they can fit you in. Or even worse — the roofers who do have spare time could be unreliable, perhaps charging a high fee for an inadequate job.


Roofers who are in demand may still be finishing off their autumn workload in winter, or they’ll be out dealing with emergency calls to repair serious damage. Although winter isn’t quite as busy as autumn, there’ll be problems finding a roofer who can fit you in.

And that’s if the job can be done at all. A tiled roof can be replaced in cold weather, although the job may have to be put off if conditions are too hazardous, but shingles are difficult to work with. This is because frozen materials can become brittle and crack.

Spring and Summer

By far the best time of year to have planned work done on your roof, including roof replacement, is the spring or summer. Not only are conditions most likely to be good, but for most roofers, it will be a slack time. Though reputable roofers won’t overcharge in their busy times, you may well get a special offer during spring or summer.

To take advantage of this, you’ll have to be able to pre-plan the work, and that means having your roof inspected on a regular basis. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs.

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