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In addition to offering expert roofing services to public and trade customers, we like to keep you informed on all the developments in the complex world of roofing! We update our roofing blog on a monthly basis, so stay tuned for our regular updates! We do this such that we can keep our team of roofing contractors up to date on the latest news and industry practices. We also hope to share our learnings with the public and other professional roofers!

Our roofing blog posts aim to provide topical coverage of roofing news and associated guidance targeting both public customers and professionals in the roofing trade.

If you’re a homeowner looking to invest in a new roof, or maintenance work, then you will have seen a lot of information online. You might not have understood some of the technical jargon, so our roofing blogs are written at a level you can understand.

If you’re new to roofing or struggling to understand some of the technical terms then our ‘Roofing for Dummies’ article is a great place to start!

Alternatively, if you’re in the roofing industry and want to stay up to date with trends and tips- our commercial roofing news articles will be useful for you also. If you’re a roofing professional, a great place to start is our ‘How to choose a Roofing Contractor’ article. Here you’ll get some great guidance on what your customers will be looking for!

Please take the time to have a good browse through our collection of roofing industry news articles. You’ll find information on specific roof types, ideas to make the best use of your roof, and so much more!