Famous Roofs Worldwide — How Many Can You Name?

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Famous Roofs Worldwide — How Many Can You Name?

You might think a roof is just a roof. Some roofs are certainly more attractive
than others, but essentially they’re functional.

That’s mostly true, but there are very special roofs around the world. Some
are famous; some could even be described as iconic. Here are five of them —
but how many more can you think of?

1. Sydney Opera House

Perhaps the most recognisable modern building in the world, this Australian
icon was constructed between 1957 and 1973, and the roof is its crowning
glory. Made up of “shells” of precast concrete covered in tiles and held
together by steel cables, its curvaceous grace belies the staggering weight of
the structure. Definitely a roof to make a song and dance about.

2. Taj Mahal

Never mind the most famous modern roof in the world, this Indian icon is
arguably the most famous from any era. Built by the 17th century Mughal
Emperor Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his beloved queen, its blend of
Indian, Persian and Turkish styles has captivated visitors through the
centuries. And the eyes are drawn upwards to one of the most perfect marble
domes ever constructed.

3. Kensington Roof Garden

Far above a busy London shopping street lies an ornate garden, complete
with Art Deco pavilion. Laid out in the 1930s, the roof garden was open to the
public until 2018, and hopefully will be again. Divided between a Moorish-
influenced Spanish garden, a Tudor-style garden and an English water
garden, this very special roof provides elegant greenery above the London

4. Thean Hou Temple

Although it may seem to belong to an ancient world, this temple to the
Chinese sea goddess Mazu was only completed in 1987. Situated in Kuala
Lumpur, it combines modern and traditional architectural techniques to create
a sumptuous structure. Its many multi-coloured roofs, adorned with intricate
carvings, dominate the temple and draw the eye upwards to its wonders.

5. Chrysler Building

Although the world’s tallest building on completion in 1930, this was
surpassed just a year later by the Empire State Building. Nevertheless, this
Art Deco skyscraper, still the tallest steel-supported brick building, has remained iconic, largely because of the terraced crown and spire that surmount it. The crown’s seven radiating arches make it instantly recognisable, while the spire soars to 1,046 feet.

Not all roofs can be famous, but they’re all iconic to us. If you want to know
more about how your roof can be special in its own way, feel free to give us a