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Professional Lead Roofing Contractors

What is Lead Roofing?

Lead roofing is one of the most beneficial and traditional roofing methods in the industry and has helped shape some of the world’s most beautiful architecture making it a particularly common solution for older buildings. Lead is extremely flexible and durable making it an ideal material for those tricky shapes and areas whilst ensuring maximum coverage. Due to lead’s durable and reliable qualities, it means that lead roofing is a cost effective roofing solution in the long-run. In fact, a good quality lead roof can last as much as 3 times longer than other roofing materials!

Lead is often used alongside roofs of all material to protect vulnerable components such as roof flashings and has one of the highest recycling rates in the world so you make less of a carbon-footprint for a long standing reliable roof.

Why Choose Us For Our Lead Roofing Services?

From our base in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, we specialise in the delivery of a customer focused service built on traditional values without losing sight of the latest marketplace innovation. Empire UPVC and Roofing Specialists operate as fully insured tradesmen providing guaranteed work, free written quotes and the best independent advice for all of your lead roofing needs.

Our lead roofs are installed by expert roofers with plenty of experience so rest assured that your lead roof will be installed and maintained to the highest of standards.  Whether you’re looking for a simple repair or a completely new installation, our team of professional contractors will give you that first class roofing service you’ve been searching for.

Not sure if Lead Roofing is the right solution for you?

Not only do we offer expert lead roofing services; We also specialise in the installation, maintenance, repair and refurbishment of tiled roofing, felt roofing, slate and liquid rubber roofing. So if you’re not quite sure which roofing solution is best for your domestic, commercial or industrial property then get in touch via our contact form or call our team of skilled roofers on 01992 623 267 for expert advice.