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So you’ve noticed a slate that has moved, or perhaps a tile has become displaced or broken. Maybe your felt roof has a tear or when it rains a little bit harder than usual you notice that you’ve got a slight leak – Whatever the issue, what seems like a small problem can soon escalate into a large one if not repaired promptly. Putting off small roof repairs can end up causing a lot more damage and money later on if you don’t deal with the problem once it’s been spotted.

From moss removal or general tile replacement to repointing a chimney stack, we undertake all types of roof repairs and maintenance on domestic and commercial buildings throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and all surrounding areas. No matter how big or small, Empire UPVC & Roofing Specialists have got you covered (pun intended).


Roofing Repairs & Maintenance Services:

Whether you’ve got a felt, slate, tile roof – Our roofing repairs and maintenance services cover a variety of faults or issues on a range of roofing materials. Our local roofers are highly skilled and provide the highest standard of work.

Moss Removal Services – If you allow large patches of moss to grow on your roof, these patches hold water against the surface of the roof, which can cause the roofing materials to rot. In addition, the water trapped by the moss pools in gaps between your roof’s tiles, and as that water freezes and thaws it can pull the tiles apart, causing even more damage! However, removing your moss can be just as dangerous and cause just as much damage so it’s best to call in the roofing experts.

Tile Repointing Services – The term repointing is used when the hips, ridge and even rakes on a tile roof have had the mortar crack and break up. This sometimes leaves a void where water can be driven up under the tiles or allow birds and rodents to borrow in and make their nest under the tiles.

Chimney Repointing Services – Repointing is the process of renewing the ‘pointing’, which is the external part of mortar joints, in masonry construction. Over time, weathering and decay cause voids in the joints between masonry units, usually in bricks, allowing the undesirable entrance of water.

Removal and Replacement of Lead work – Lead is extremely durable, so durable in fact that most issues with leadwork are caused by poor installation, with the most common problem being leadwork simply coming loose from the wall and leaving a gap for rainwater. But over time leadwork will eventually split due to the exposure to British weather.

Tile Replacement Services – Slipped tiles or slates will be very easy to notice and can result in larger amounts of rainwater hitting the underlay and putting it under increased pressure. If pools of water then build up in the area where a tile or slate has slipped, a leak into the inside of the roof is increasingly likely to happen.

Re-cementing Ridge, Hip & Verge Tiles – Over time the cement on the roof can fail due to constant exposure to high winds and bad weather, but they should last a few decades before needing to be replaced if fitted properly in the first place! Our professional re-cementing of the ridge tiles would include our skilled roofers lifting the ridge tiles, removing all the old mortar then re-bedding the tiles onto new cement.

Gutter Cleaning and Unblocking Services – Gutters direct rainfall away from your building to protect the outside of the property as well as the foundations. If there is a problem with the gutters it can cause damage to your property.

Any Type of Leak Repair can Be UndertakenRunning out of buckets? It’s time to fix those leaks. Water typically comes in through worn, broken, or missing shingles; where nails have worked loose; or through corroded or poorly sealed roof flashing around vents, skylights, or chimneys or along the intersections of roof planes.

If you’re looking for a specialist roofing company in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas for any of the above roofing repairs and maintenance services then give our local roofers a call today. We’ll discuss the best roofing solution as well as proving you with a free quote and expert advice.