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Your Local UPVC Soffit and Fascias Experts

As well as our expert roofing solutions, we also offer quality UPVC soffits and fascia installations throughout Hertfordshire, Essex, and London. Not only does investing in fascias and soffits improve the appearance and increase the value of your home but they also play a crucial role in protecting your home from damage and should be kept in the best condition possible.


fasciasWhat are Fascias & How Do They Protect My Roof?

Fascia boards protect and seal the rafter feet to prevent them from contracting any rot and it progressing up the rafters and into your roof. Fascias also support the roof tiles and provide support for the guttering. If the fascias are not well maintained then they become weak and can struggle to support the titles and guttering which can have damaging consequences on your property.

What about Soffits?

Soffit boards run across the underside of your roofline, soffits are visible from the floor level because they run under the fascia boards. They also provide vital ventilation to the roof allowing cool air flow into the inner areas of the roof as well as protecting your rafters from the weather elements. If your rafters are exposed in any areas, over time they may rot and allow mold into the house so it’s very important to ensure that soffits are well maintained.


Why use our Hertfordshire contractors?

  • All existing wooden fascias and soffits are removed and underlying areas are checked for dampness before new UPVC fascias and soffits are installed.
  • 15-year guarantee.
  • Our products incorporate hidden/visible ventilation technology to promote a good air flow into your eaves space allowing the timbers to breathe to prevent dampness and rotting.
  • We use high quality materials to prevent the colour of your fascias and soffits fading in the sunlight.
  • Our fascias and soffits are easily cleaned with nothing more than a damp cloth for simple maintenance.
  • We supply and install soffits and fascias in traditional white, attractive black or stylish wood effect finishes.
  • Our UPVC installers have an outstanding reputation throughout Hertfordshire and surrounding areas on thousands of successful installations.


Our Hertfordshire contractors are your premier installers of high-performance UPVC fascias and soffits that deliver outstanding maintenance solutions and maximum protection for your home. We insist on the use of high-quality UPVC products that minimise the risk of water damage in your roof eaves and our experienced UPVC installation team offers complete coverage throughout Hertfordshire and surrounding areas for both domestic and commercial properties.


If your fascias or soffits need repairing or replacing then contact Empire UPVC and Roofing Specialists today to find out how we can help! At affordable rates and excellent customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder that we’re Hertfordshire’s leading UPVC experts. Call today on 01992 623 267 for a free quote!